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Syndicate (n.) - An association of people formed to promote a common interest, such as The Free World.

Free World Syndicate is a network for sharing political commentary and for writers and cartoonists to gain exposure to progressive publishers and to the general public. Our service is completely free - we do not accept commissions or fees. Our reward is having thought-provoking content for our visitors.

We are living in a pivotal era for world politics. The mainstream media wields tremendous power through centralized control by a handful of corporations. It serves its corporate masters through numbing our minds and then feeding us a steady diet of rhetoric and propaganda. Opposition is silenced through obscurity and by labelling dissent as unpatriotic. Governments are invading our privacy, taking away our personal liberties, and establishing police states.

The Internet presents an opportunity to reverse this dangerous trend. While at risk of succumbing to corporate control and political censorship, the Internet remains a bastion of free thought. It enables collaborative efforts to take form, grow organically, and reach receptive minds across the world.

Join Syndicate as a contributor or publisher today. The Free World Needs You!

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