Anti-Marketing for a Free World

The definition of anti-marketing encompasses a range of subjects including anti-spam, de-marketing, anti-globalization, and responsible marketing.

A handful of conglomerates presently control the media in most countries. However, each of us can use the principles above to keep the world free by doing a little of our own marketing.

Spam is one of the most intrusive and annoying methods of marketing and threatens the free Internet by clogging the networks, wasting our time and ultimately increasing the costs. We can fight spam by reporting it, using anti-junkmail programs, and encouraging effective anti-spam legislation.

We can fight consolidated media control by using and promoting alternative news sources, effectively reducing the power that these congolomerates have over mindshare and economic influence.

If you have come this far, most likely you are already aware of the negative impact that globalization can have upon the free world. Spread the word. Help our future generations. Get involved!

Responsible marketing is something that we all should take seriously. Be honest to your customers, support organizations with ethical marketing practices, and stop feeding the corporate machine wherever possible.

Another great site for anti-marketing is Adbusters, a global network of culture jammers and media fighters.

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