Scary Stuff - Globalization

Globalization is scary and, unfortunately, probably inevitable. It makes me sad to imagine the homogenous world of the future, with its faded cultures confined to a digitally remastered classic home video collection sold at your friendly neighborhood superstore.

The problems are easy to identify, but the solutions are more difficult. However, I do believe that globalization can evolve along a more responsible road than the path on which it is currently headed. The ingredients for this solution start with more balanced input from all affected parties (i.e., all of us).

It seems that if people changed the world more than they allowed it to change them, then the world would remain a colorful assortment of personalities, communities, and cultures.

The problem is that the people that have been changing the world the most don't seem to be looking after the best interests of the people they share the world with. And definitely not their descendents.

Do we really have the power to change the world? When I believe that the answer is yes, I put out my cigarette and imagine myself jumping onto the pages of life's comic book in full color, just like my favorite superhero.

Have you changed the world today, or has it changed you?

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