Johanna Dali

Johanna Dali lives in an ever expanding, rural township in the hinterland of south Dublin. There she spends her time observing the different subsets of Irish life go about their daily mishaps as they throw away the opportunities a booming economy once offered and talk themselves into a credit crash and housing deadlock, while blaming their government, the EU, the weather, anything whatsoever that might occur to them, as their potential flows past like fallen leaves and useless lottery tickets in the ever-blustery atmosphere of this once proud nation. Johanna Dali has recently been awarded a BA in Social Science and Politics. She does not drive an SUV, 4x4 or soft-top.

Johanna is an associate editor of Free World Syndicate. You may contact her about her opinion columns or for general feedback and inquiries using the form below.

Opinion Columns

Anything But This! - December, 2005

Burn Concrete Burn - December, 2005

An Idea Project - February & March, 2004 (13 Essays)

Await the Phoenix - December, 2003 (5 Essays)

Beyond the Verge - November, 2003

Peace - November, 2003

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