Prentiss Smith

Prentiss Smith is a freelance columnist from Shreveport, Louisiana. He has written opinion columns for the past ten years and has been published in the Gannett owned newspaper in his hometown. He also has written political and social commentary for a bi-weekly business and political magazine called The Forum Magazine. His column was called "And That's The Way I See It."

Opinion Columns

Somebody Has To Put Out The Fire - June, 2005

George Bush and the Republicans have Too Much Power - March, 2005

The Bush Doctrine is Flawed and Too Costly in American Blood and Treasure - March, 2005

Social Security is Flawed but we are Not in a Crisis - March, 2005

When we were Young - March, 2005

What are we Afraid of? - March, 2005

Democrats Should Hold Their Heads Up - March, 2005

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