Library of Opinion Columns

This section of the Free World Syndicate Library is reserved for our collection of opinion columns and political essays organized by author. The archive focuses on political topics, but commentary on social issues is also welcome. For editorial cartoons and political humor, visit the other sections of our library.

We are in the process of recruiting contributors and building content for our site. If you would like to be a Syndicate columnist and have your articles or political cartoons included in our library, visit our submissions page.

Remember to include a heaping portion of cold justice with each submission. The Free World can't flex its muscles on a diet of crumbs and hot air.

Opinion Column Authors

Johanna Dali - Syndicate Opinion Columns Editor, based in Ireland

Prentiss Smith - Freelance Columnist in Louisiana

Paul K. Chisholm - International Editorials from Nairobi, Kenya

Scott C. Smith - Freelance Columnist in Oregon

Andre Broadwater - Freelance Writer in Washington, DC

Mary Nichols - Writer / Advocate in Oregon

Mike Threatt - US Expatriate in China

William Realph - Majority Vote Advocate in Australia

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