Mario Luque

Mario Luque started drawing Snoopy on top of the doghouse when he was 5. When bored one day in 7th grade, he drew a classmate and began a lifelong love of caricatures. He is from California and has had illustrations and cartoon strips published in newspapers and magazines [local, national and international]. He now resides in Orlando, FL area and has been doing live caricatures at Disney resorts for nearly two years. Mario is now turning his focus in illustration toward political cartoons. He has enjoyed watching the news and staying up to date with current events since he was a child. He has a wild sense of humor and he has a passion for drawing - especially capturing a person's face on paper. Here is a small sample of editorial cartoons and other illustrations Mario has drawn.

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Political Cartoons by Mario Luque

Halloween at the White House - October, 2004

2004 Presidential Debate - October, 2004

School Days in Florida - October, 2004

Kerry & Edwards - July, 2004

Reagan - June, 2004

National Debt - June, 2004

Bush Gang - June, 2004

Bush Tenet - June, 2004

Hannity Colmes - June, 2004

Scott Peterson - June, 2004

Kerry - June, 2004

J.Lo Marriage - June, 2004

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