Library of Political Cartoons

This archive of the Free World Syndicate Library contains our collection of political cartoons organized by cartoonist. For political commentary in the form of opinion columns, editorials, and assorted humor, visit the other archives in our library. Or better yet, get involved today and join the campaign for the free world by submitting your own cartoons to Free World Syndicate.

Submissions to the political cartoon category may include comics, art, and caricatures, but they should somehow be related to politics and/or government. Other media such as jokes, animations, multimedia, and even clipart may be submitted to the political humor category.

Featured Political Cartoonists

Puck 170, Political Cartoons from "After the Chicago Catastrophe"
- Joseph Keppler


Matt Carmody - Syndicate's Political Cartoons Editor, based in California, USA

Allan Mcdonald - Honduras

Mike Danza - New York, USA

Mario Luque - Florida, USA

Rick Cuomo - Hawaii, USA

Matt Shire & Frank Longo - California, USA

Alex Bloomfield - Texas, USA

Rod Madsen - Nebraska, USA

Jason Miracle - Colorado, USA

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