Library of Political Humor

This section of the Free World Syndicate Library is reserved for our collection of political humor that does not fit into the categories of political cartoons or opinion columns. With the absurdity of our current political environment, we figured that there would be a plentiful supply of humorous material for this archive.

The content for this section is flexible, so as long as the file sizes are not overwhelmingly large, the content is political in nature, and it's funny, we can probably include it. Stories, jokes, photos, clipart, multimedia, parodies, or pretty much anything covering topics ranging from the global economy, ethics, the Illuminati, New World Order, capitalism, communism, anarchy, life, liberty, the pursuit of a living in the United Corporations of America or on the streets of the forgotten world, the rise of monopolies, the fall of freedom, and THE media are all fair game.

If you would like to have your political humor, editorials, or political cartoons included in our library, visit our submissions page.

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