The Free World Syndication Process

What we call the Free World Syndication process is merely a means to provide free exposure for political writers and cartoonists to promote their works.
Our site includes a library of political cartoons, humor, and opinion columns organized by contributor along with a means of putting publishers and our readers in direct contact with the creator.

For now, we are not imposing limits on the number of featured works per creator and do not provide links to other websites owned by or affiliated with the creator.

More information for contributors and publishers can be found on our Submissions and Permissions pages and under our Opportunities section in the menu to your right.

We are in the process of recruiting contributors and building content for our site. Once we reach critical mass, we will work on syndicating the opinion columns and editorial cartoons on our site with other free newsfeed services for maximum exposure. We do not accept fees or commissions for our services.

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